Vmondo George Bachatouris

Giorgos Bachatouris & Co (Vmondo) counts more than 30 years of experience in professional beauty products' field trading. We cover a wide range of actvities:

 Wholesale in hairsalons/barberhsops

We support a salesmen network which covers  the biggest part of Greece. Vmondo has created strong trusting bonds with greek hairdressers, barbers and beauty professionals by offering them quality products’ and technical support. Using our technical department and our academies in Thessaloniki and Athens, we can cope with all the professionals’ needs.

Wholesale in nail lounges /beauty lounges

Modern women are more elegant than ever. This is why they visit beauty parlors and nail lounges so often . We make sure that such businesses are supplied with all the necessary products that make our everyday lives more “beautiful”.


Through our e-shop and our retail shop (Vasilissis Olgas 166, Thessaloniki), you’ll find whatever you need concerning beauty products and beauty solutions, either you are a professional of the beauty industry or  a retail customer.

Happy Customers!